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Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is our gift back to him who first loved us and as a society we cherish and respect marriage as an institution because it forms an integral part of our tradition and culture, therefore can’t be thrown into the  gutters.

Like they say, privacy is key but in recent times, not only has the attention and caution people give to the their weddings aggravated to the highest peak but also, to a level of maintaining class and living up to expectations hence this new era of private weddings and secret marriage.

Come to think of it, 2017 by all standards even though began or brought what well-mem.aning fans and Ghanaians wished to happen to their favorite personalities, it came with a seasoned trend of private or secret weddings which from the look of things doesn’t seem to change any time soon.

Perhaps you’ve not given it a thought, and for sure, that may be true; but looking more closely, the many personalities we’ve seen tie the knot have also followed this trend.

A trend whereby brides and grooms (soon to become couples) go all private to the extent of fibbing to die-hard friends or people within their circles who are noted to be close buddies of these celebs just to make sure their weddings are secure or devoid of multitudes or talks.

In retrospect, on Friday, June 16, 2017, dancehall artiste Stonewboy in a private ceremony married his girlfriend Dr. Louisa Ansong when the news broke that Stonebwoy was getting married many were stunned by the news since there was no public indication that the dancehall sensation was dating Louisa until the unexpected announcement.


The likes of Edem, actor John Dumelo, Fred Nuamah, Chantelle Asante, Ama K Abrebese, Kwame A Plus,  etc with the recent ones being  Sarkodie and Becca’s wedding ceremony which came under serious public scrutiny and censure and also as a big surprise to dozens.

But could all this razzmatazz about private weddings gear towards sending a message to fans out there? A message of class, rank or social status to some of us? Or possibly the epitome of this Japanese proverb which says  “when a character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends”?
Well! Like trends come and go, does this era of private or secret weddings looks like changing any time soon?















story by: Adnan Osman



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  1. I think private weddings are great!!! There is too much competition now to have the bigger or sickest wedding and this leaves financial pressure on many couples even after the ceremony is over. Because you need to please all who see your video and pictures as well. But what’s the point of all this when at the end of the day, it’s going to be just the couple who really care about the marriage. Marriages should really be private: it’s a family and close friend thing. Social media has made many feel they have a right to see or scrutinize a wedding but truthfully it should be private. Well written articles by the way. Loved this and another 👌🏽

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