The KNUST Riot in the specs of a layman

Normally when a riot breaks out, it is due to uncomfortable and unacceptable reasons that people are being subjected to. The victims, in this case, are left with no choice but to hold a riot or an uproar given that their pleas are not being taken into consideration.

This is the case of students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology who decided to hold a demonstration because they were being taken for granted.

Per the reports and stories circulating online, we can’t exactly tell what caused the riot. Nevertheless, some students from the school have come out confidently to tell the story of what actually took place in the school leading to the riot.

It turns out some students have been subjected to physical abuse from the school securities on countless occasions. Apparently students have addressed these issues and placed their grievances in the hands of the school authorities but their attempts to solve the issue has proved futile. As if that wasn’t enough, the doors of the school’s administration were closed obviously to avoid the petition from the student representative body as far as the issue at stake is concerned.

Meanwhile, it has been given to understanding that these students were made to go to school to not be subjected to any sort of physical abuse whatsoever. In as much as the riot was unprofessional and uncalled for, the students were obviously left with no choice but to call in a demonstration. It appears the students were belligerent, they had to wreck school properties such as, the administration block, breaking of school authorities’ car glasses and many more.

I ask myself, “who is going to pay for the damages caused if not these same students by increasing their school fees probably in the next semester”?

Again, videos circulating on social media shows that shots were fired by law enforcement personnel in an attempt to scare away students trying to bring the riot to a halt. Perhaps if accidentally a gunshot was fired at a student and he or she died in the process, who was going to be blamed?

However, recent events indicate that students were asked to exit the school premises and it is unknown as to when they are to report back to school and continue with lectures and other school activities.  Apparently, people seem to forget that these students have examinations, project works, and other learning activities to attend to.

I believe if the authorities had adhered to their pleas and grievances a riot wouldn’t have happened and we wouldn’t have to think about how students would probably be writing two examinations in a semester and how they have to learn more than enough to catch up on the wasted days, weeks or even months spent at home due to a ‘riot’.

An educational institution constitutes mainly the embodiment of students, I believe if they weren’t students in schools, these authorities wouldn’t even have their jobs.

Funny how little immature decisions can cause problems such as unemployment, violence, crime, etc.

Let us heed to the pleas of students.

Let us provide solutions to their problems.

And let us avoid riots and demonstrations in the long run.


BY: Trovel Nana Kofi Addo


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