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The intruder called Whatsapp STATUS

Whatsapp has managed to become part of virtually every tom, dick, and harry who has a knack for living in the now.

People have called that being technologically savvy and so if you have a smartphone without the app on it then you are viewed in a different spec.

This is not to say the app has not been of any good because honestly it’s been very helpful to a tonne of us.

I know of people who advertise and transact businesses via the app and of others who have turned it into an online shop or store where they display various products and services.

Oh! it really has helped some of us who hate making long hours of phone calls.

From an app enthusiast like myself, WhatsApp has been so innovative and will continue to be up until a new one satisfies our insatiable human cravings.

The app underscores the good of technological advancement which has brought to us what we can only but praise and appreciate.

The likes of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Also Brain Acton and Ian Koum for blessing us with Whatsapp which could also be translated as “what’s up”  and for your information that’s what it was originally meant to be called.

Well, I would say it has lived up to its name, I mean it’s brought friends even closer and up to date with their friends and family.

Even though Snapchat more or less does virtually the same thing, WhatsApp has a kind of humble aura if you know what I mean and it’s very easy on the pocket too.

Talking of it’s being easy on the pocket brings me to the kind of features it has. Well, from texting or messaging where users can simply send and receive messages from friends and family for free, to group chats that can have up to 260 people keep in touch no matter their location.

And then to my favorite feature, the voice notes, and video calls, it always reminds me of my days of skyping from the states and oh WhatsApp has the best clarity and  you can share photos and videos, documents and others.

Now let’s get real already, the STATUS, a feature that virtually allows people to have a glimpse into people’s lives, I mean it’s not to say that it does that by itself but actually, one has to be cool, you feel bound by this invisible order to make sure you’re on a regular basis posting stuff else you feel like you are not using the app to the max.

Truth be told, this STATUS of a feature gets on my nerves, it actually forces you to post and when you do people some way somehow view it knowing clearly you will be notified immediately they do.

Honestly, we all have those contacts whom I call “Tenants”, people who only view statuses as if they have been contracted to do so. They will never send you a Hi, will never text you and others don’t even reply texts as if they are some kind of ghosts.

Whichever way you may put it, the STATUS is an Intruder. It’s a telescope that peeps into whatever we are thinking about at that particular moment we post, what we are feeling, when and what we are having for Breakfast, who we are currently dating, send a message to our Ex’s, flaunting our new pair of shoes and what our future babies will look like.

I mean where on earth is the privacy in this? can someone please tell me, Isn’t this intrusion?

Guys!give it a thought.



BY: Adnan Osman



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