Ruga:the almost extinct Zongo

The town is surrounded by the 37, Consulate of Belgium, Flagstaff house, Waterworks, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Kanda Estate, and National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) among others also there is a number of story buildings that house the workers of GBC.

Ruga is a Fulani word which means ‘where livestock is rear’.

This name was given to the area by Alhaji Osumanu a Fulani man who happened to be the first settler in the town when it used to be a big place without any structure on the land it was all bush.

He came to settle there with a flock of sheep and a herd of cattle, that’s why the town is referred to as Ruga. During his settlement, people came around and he shared the lands among them where he was made the chief of the town.

After Ghana attained Independence the then President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah sold some of the lands to foreign investors and then schools were built thus the Kanda School Ring Road and Flagstaff house Schools.

In 1965, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah developed some parts into Estate and was selling it 50£ to individuals interested.

AlhajiOsumanu had the perception that people who live comfortably in the world will not enter heaven so he didn’t go for the offer.
Ruga has been squeezed after so many developmental structures the name of the town was changed to Kanda but the small town left where Alhaji continues to rear his livestock was still known as Ruga.

TV3 is few minutes’ walks from GBC and the French Embassy is across the street. The Accra Zoo was close to the Flagstaff house where we used to walk to. But during the reconstruction of the Flagstaff house, the animals were transported to Kumasi Zoo.

Currently, there are not less than 30 houses and about 400 people living in the community. There is one Arabic school built in the community named Nurudeen Islamic School. The community can boost of portable drinking water, good electricity, two Mosques and a recreational center whilst in the Estate, there are about 5 private schools and 4 churches.

BY: Inna Hajar Osman Diko

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