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Ghana has been marked as the safest country in Africa and one of the most peaceful countries in the world. However the rampant killings in Ghana have placed a big question mark on the credibility of this.

It began with the merciless killings of land and home owners by ‘land guards’. Land guards exist primarily to meet a demand for land protection services. To put the phenomenon of land guards into proper perspective, it is imperative to provide an overview of issues surrounding land ownership and acquisition in Ghana. About 80% of the total land area belongs variously to stools/skins, individuals, families, and clans.

Hence, it is not always clear who has a right to sell community lands. Thus, some chiefs acting in this regard have been accused of acting outside of their mandates. Given these challenges, many buyers become victims of multiple sale and have to turn to courts of law to seek redress. However, the long and costly processes of accessing justice in general and land litigation in particular often act as a deterrent to resorting to the formal processes of the judiciary.

As a result, land ownership, transfer, sale, and acquisition in Ghana are fraught with several challenges, which necessitate surveillance and physical protection against encroachment. However, the Ghana Police Service does not provide surveillance services for individual private property. Generally, they only physically intervene after there have been complaints of trespassing, vandalism of property, unlawful occupation, or when there are clashes between opposing factions.

Even though this issue is being tackled with by our judiciary system, it would be appreciated if these culprits are arrested and severely dealt with per the constitution and not just warded off after a few days behind bars to continue with their atrocious behavior.

Now that an attempt is being made to curb this ‘land guard’ situation, armed robbers have emerged and even more strengthened now. There have been 10 cases of car robberies in 2018 alone. Residential robberies have shot up to an alarming 31 cases. 2018 has recorded 5 cases for robberies at work and street robberies stand at 43 cases, per statistics given by Dr. Kwesi Aning.

For the past week or so, robberies are done in broad daylight and this is as scary as it is disheartening. Residents of Oyibi, Tema, those who use the Dzorwulu route through GIMPA and actually all Ghanaians are currently living in absolute fear.

The problem is that the Ghana Police Service just seem to be unperturbed about the situation. Yesterday, 28 February, the official Twitter account of the Ghana Police Service tweeted asking Ghanaians to stay indoors at night to prevent street robberies.

“Daily security tip- Late night outings may expose you to harm, as much as possible avoid it.”

Now the question is, Is the Ghana Police Service on an annual leave? As sarcastic as that question sounds, it is being posed with every seriousness it can carry.

Okay so what about the home invasions and robberies then? What about workers who simply are trying to get home after work? What about the DAYLIGHT robberies?

As a country on a path of growth and development, we need investors to help this country grow. How can this be made possible if we can’t even protect ourselves, not to talk of foreigners?

In honest opinion, we need the intervention of the Ghana Armed Forces immediately as they are the most trustworthy security agency available in the country now. There needs to be an uprising within the Ghana Police Service. COP Kofi Boakye who has won the hearts of many Ghanaian due to his just and hard work needs to be reinstated together with other officers to help curb the rampant crime in our societies now.

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