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Renowned Creative Director and C.E.O of Pidgin Music has expressed his sentiments over the failure of the Ghanaian music industry.

Mr. Panji in an exclusive interview with ‘take2live’ stated that, the Ghanaian music industry has failed in many areas including education,venues for big events and many others.

He however said that,. the area where they have entirely failed is in the area of education. Emphasizing that, we have lost a great opportunity of passing on our values and traditions through music to our young generation.

“What can be done is to re-introduce local music into our primary schools”he noted

Adding that, when a child from Bolgatanga is taught how to play the xylophone or the “Kaloga”, the child through these things will learn our local songs and those songs have history in them that teaches the child a lot.

Also, the lack of venues for events is another area the industry has failed to address.

The Producer however explained that, there are many churches that host huge events with attendance hovering from 50,000 to a 100,000 people.

But on the other hand, the secular world do not have venues for their events and most of the places these events are held cannot hold huge number of people.

“Whiles the secular sector is sleeping the church business is not and are rather flourishing with their mega venues, that hosts weddings,discos and dating sites”.

In concluding his submissions, Mr. Panji said that, the industry does not collect monies from those who use our music and those who are asked to collect these said monies end up embezzling it.

Story by: Adnan Osman



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