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When Jesus met the woman at the well in John 4:7-17, He asked about her husband and when she said she had none and Jesus did affirm her honesty. She was living with a man and most likely was performing wifely duties to the man but truth was that, he was not “ a husband” to her.

What shocks me is that she knew the man she was with was not yet her husband and yet was living that deception with herself and the people around. So are many of us doing in our individual lives. Permit me today to address my ladies.

One day I woke up and asked myself if I had a man in my life? I discovered I had a number of guys in there playing different roles; minister of finance, communication, pictures and WhatsApp and different forms. Ei! Was I planning to be polygamous? No! So I sat up and said, I need all the basic things in ONE MAN to be with. If you could not minister to me little bits of these sectors, away…. I received a shock, none of the guys were ready to offer me the full plate.

Sweetie look within your single life; haven’t you noticed that guy only keeps it at WhatsApp and calls level with you, that guy only drops money into your account and sees you once every 2 weeks. You meet up once a week to have sex and he sees you off with money for transportation and all week you don’t communicate because he has a busy schedule. He gets in touch after a very long gap and your love is ignited again, awwww ain’t that sweet? No, it’s foolish!

None of those categories of men mean business with you so you better wake up to the reality and sack whom you must sack. The man who really loves you will work on all other areas he needs to, to make you feel secured. These days I don’t entertain useless calls and text messages. I encourage you also not to do same! I love Beyoncé’s way, “if you love her, then you should just put a ring on it!”

Hear me, don’t say he loves me but he may be in doubt, sister he doesn’t wai. Every man knows exactly what he wants and he would go after it BEARING ALL THE COST. Nevertheless if you avail yourself as some cheap sample, he will taste and see; not necessarily because he is good or bad but men are just curious.

A piece by Patricia Bani

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