Chairman of the Christian Council in Ghana,(CCG),Rt.Rev.Seth Senyo Agidi has blurted out that, “fake churches” in the country should be forced to close down.

He explained that, anybody now can just establish a church without any training whatsoever.

Speaking on the Star morning show today, the Reverend, stated that, it is alarming the rate at which churches are springing up everywhere in the country.

” There need to be teaching in the church because all professions such as Doctors,Nurses and even Teachers go through training which makes them know their jobs properly and for this reason, Pastors in the churches must also be trained because the fact that you can read the Bible does not mean you qualify as a theologian”.

He however highlighted that, recently, Rwanda’s Paul Kagame ordered for the close down of 6,000 churches and asked anyone who wanted to establish a church to first get a degree.

” I believe he didn’t mean to prevent the people from practicing their faith but rather what it means is that they have to be knowledgeable in that area so that they would not play with people’s faith and be deceiving them”.

Most people are being misled. he added

Rev. Senyo further said that, when he was just a child he remembered there were a lot of magicians who dazzled them every now and then with their tricks but in recent times these magicians are nowhere to be found.

Adding that, these magician have now established their own churches and call them miracle churches and because most people nowadays are looking for miracles, they turn to these churches which is rather unfortunate.

The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG), was formed on 30th of October, 1929 with just five member churches but currently has a membership of 28.

The council undertakes various projects in Ghana. One of its major goals is the elimination of stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS The project trained community members in areas of the country that had high HIV/AIDS prevalence of 8–9%. The training involved basic facts about HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination among others.

The council has also set up an Interfaith Unit to educate Christians on the need for peaceful existence and tolerance among members of different faiths.The School Dropout Scholarship Programme promotes education among Liberian refugees in the Buduburam refugee settlement near Accra. The programme also identifies the causes and consequences of school dropout among the refugees.

In governance and nation building, the council monitors the activities of political parties and professional bodies in the country and offers advice to them. In 2005 the council appealed to Ghanaians and professional bodies to put the country’s economy nation first and spend more time discussing issues of national interest concerning education, health and poverty.In 2011 the council encouraged political party leaders and their followers to avoid the use of provocative language in their speeches.



Story by: Adnan Osman

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