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There are those who think it is unnecessary and a waste of funds for Ghana to build a national cathedral and
others think it is out of place for the government to demolish the houses and properties at the proposed site for the cathedral project, INTERESTING!

Just this afternoon I heard a leader of an Islamic group called Coalition Of Muslim Organization – Ghana, advising government to stop interfering in religious matters because Ghana is a free state. As a matter of fact, all of a sudden they are telling the government to stop sponsoring hajj so that their fight against a government-led initiative to build a national cathedral will be justified. Maybe they will also advise the government to go and demolish the hajj villages at Tamale and Accra.

So a Hajj Village can be built at the airport but a National Cathedral cannot be built at Ridge right? I don’t blame them anyway, Christians are joking with our faith.

The last population census in 2010 shows that the Christian population in Ghana 71.2%, Muslim population 17.6%, traditional 5.2%, Non 5.2 and others 0.8%. So:
1. No other religion can compare themselves to Christianity when it comes to the general contribution to the development of this country.
2. Christians have the moral right to ask for what they want from any government at any time.
3. What is important to Christianity in this country is what is important to the nation because Christians have an absolute majority. Christians want a national cathedral and national cathedral it is.
4. Coalition for Muslim Organisation has no right to declare Ghana as a free state if Christians have not said so because if Muslim were those who have 71.2% of the national population they would have declared Ghana an Islamic state and we all know what would have happened in this country.
5. The Christian Majority has stayed and continue to stay peacefully with all the other minority religious groups, even those who wouldn’t have treated Christians the way Christians have treated them. It will be very distasteful and a bad decision for anybody to try to frustrate the Christian movement in this nation.

When the government decided to establish the Ministry for Zongo Affairs, we all understood what it meant but we kept quiet. When the government decided to establish a Zongo development fund, we all understood what it meant but we kept quiet. And when the Government decided to give that big land at Kawo Kudi to the Muslims to build that giant and beautiful mosque and secondary school, we the majority Religious community in this nation knew what it meant but we kept quiet. So let everybody keep quiet.

As for the placement of the cathedral, I don’t get it. If The Altar of the Lord for the nation does not deserve prominence in terms of placement then what does?
There have been the collapsing of buildings all the time to give way to places of prominence.
In the same vicinity where the cathedral is to be sighted, buildings were broken for the construction of our corrupt G.F.A, Int’l Conference Center, National Theatre, Kempinski Hotel, College of Physicians and Surgeons etc.
Ghana! since when did we start despising Christianity and Godliness like this. A place of entertainment and pleasure is important to us than a national place of worship. We don’t need a cathedral, we need a hospital. The day the doctor will give up on you, you will be looking for a church building.

I think today the Islamic world is teaching Christians how to defend our faith. They are willing to give up hajj sponsorship so that they can stop a state cathedral. And they are unanimous about it. Wow!!

The difference between Christians and the others.
Christians aim at a profession with their families and themselves in mind but other religions aim at a profession with their religion in mind.

Christians aim at a high position with their stomachs and ego in mind but people of other religions aim at high positions to advance their religion.

Christians will oppose everything that will make Christianity supreme and significant, others support anything good or evil that will make their religion significant.

Christians will join others to turn against the leadership of the church, other religions will kill to defend the leadership of their religion. Other religions will kill to defend their own. Christians kill our own.

Christians will take the side of their political party over the interest of the church. But other religions will turn against any political party that wants to attack their religion

Christians don’t care if the church fails or not. People of other religions will sacrifice everything including killing to make sure their religions succeed.

Christians don’t see if Christianity is under attack, but people of other religions have their antennas always ready to detect if anybody or situation is about to attack their religion and they respond promptly.

Christians believe that the church and its leadership don’t really deserve prominence. Other religions push and fight to bestow prominence on their religion and the leadership thereof.

Christians believe that it is okay for a Christian to be great and achieve but it is unnecessary and unacceptable for a church to be big and rich. But the other religions are not just interested in becoming rich or having a big crowd, they aim at gathering riches to take over nations.

Christians believe that it is okay for Christian to be rich and comfortable but their pastors or leaders should be poor, other religions believe their grandmasters and leaders should be empowered financially to drive their movements.

Christians gather resources to build their denominations and not Christianity. Other religions entrench their religion before thinking about denominations.

Let Christians rise up to believe and defend the faith.





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