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These bad savings habits of Ghanaians need to stop now. Here are some useful savings tips no matter your income.

1. Saving at Home

Putting coins in piggy bank or jar is an excellent saving method but you can’t save hundreds and thousands of Ghana cedis in a box at home. You will be easily tempted to spend the money on things you don’t need.

2. Putting Off Saving

People have an unlimited list of things that want, perfect excuses to shop and forget about saving. Starting with something, no matter how small, is a start in the right different.

3. Dipping Into Your Savings

Save your money in an account where you don’t have instant access if you can’t discipline yourself for the principle to make interest. This will eliminate temptations to dip into it since it won’t be so easy to access.

4. Leaving Your Savings Last

Budgeting is important when it comes to finances. Work out how much you need to survive and then arrange for a specific sum to be transferred into your savings account every month, just after you get paid.  That way you won’t forget to do it.

5. Living on high-interest credit

Live within your means and avoid borrowing money. Whenever you pay off a loan you will have paid back more money over time than you originally borrowed and spent. Living on credit cost you much more than you think.

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