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5 Factors that is likely to kill your Motivation

If MOTIVATION is gas then an action is the gas pump which is used to fill the gas tank. However, some actions could result in the opposite of motivation.

We all sometimes get highly motivated and ALSO sometimes feel our level of motivation dwindle due to one reason or another.

Here are some few factors that are likely to kill your motivation.

1. The very first thing that KILLS motivation is PROCRASTINATION, It makes sense that sometimes doing the same thing over and over again can be boring and as humans, we tend to get bored repeating the same routine.

When this happens we lose interest and are forced to keep pushing things that we ought to do away anytime we are to do them.

Another reason why most of us procrastinate is that we fear we might fail at that particular thing so, in order to avoid that, we continue to postpone it till we no longer can postpone it again which to some degree could make us stressed out.

When we lose our interest in a particular thing and always put it off, it will not be long when we will lose the motivation to do them all together.

2. LACK OF APPRECIATION, we all like being commended on things we are working on. It makes us feel good about ourselves and pushes us to do more.

In a nutshell, appreciation is like an energy booster to us.

Therefore, when a person feels he is not appreciated for what he does, then chances are, one will stop putting in efforts or might outrightly quit.

In as much as positive praises from people or even our boss might do us great good, we should as well be open to constructive criticism which to a large extent propels us to do more.

3. UNDER REMUNERATION AT WORK, we all work for one reason and one reason only even though some people will say they do what they do because that is their passion one thing cannot be denied.

MONEY, Money is the number one reason why people work and we are even fired up to do more when we are treated by our company or job better.

Most people I have spoken to will attest to the fact that, they will forever remain loyal to their jobs because it gets them all that they desire and has added meaning to their lives.

Therefore, when one no longer feels like his job is taking care of him, they are tempted to look elsewhere where they can get better treatments such as allowances, bonus, and other incentives.

4. MULTI-TASKING, a lot of people have a lot on their plates and that can be stressful most of the time because they are expected to oblige and fulfill all their duties at all that they are doing.

They are expected to work to the max and deliver their best.

The trust is, the mind is focused on one thing at a time and cannot give off a 100% performance if it’s should do about three things at a time.

And when one tries to force it, it will lead to under functioning and eventually make one lose motivation.

5. OVERCONFIDENCE, complacency is something most of us feel at a certain point, especially when we feel we are on top of our game.

But the bad thing is when we tend to be overconfident and then people happen to tell us or prove to us that we are wrong we are likely to coil back into our shell.

When this persists we are likely to lose our zeal for doing what we thought we had control over.


BY: Adnan Osman








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